Hi there!

I’m Amanda, the face behind APJ Designs.  I create handmade jewelry with effortless beauty and timeless style.  I love to create and express myself through my jewelry.

Growing up in a small New England town I always spent time outdoors whether it be playing in the woods during the summer or skiing in the winter.  As I got older I really began to appreciate all the seasons and the beauty they have to offer.  I have a BS in Environmental Science and making jewelry combines my joy of creating with my love for the natural world.

For my 16th Birthday my Grandma gave me a 1920s 14k gold diamond ring and that was the start of my love for timeless style.  She always took me to quality craft fairs, instilling the value of long lasting well-made products.  I like to think my jewelry can give someone the same feeling I had when I was given such a special gift. 

A lot of my inspiration comes from nature and old-world charm. My designs incorporate classic metal smithing techniques to create delicate pieces with clean lines and textures.  I like the combination of creating something that has the essence of nature paired with the strength of quality materials.

I use solid 14k gold, natural stones, and Argentium silver which is a superior, high performance silver.  It is purer than Sterling and has hypoallergenic properties that make it a wearable option for most with metal allergies.

I make every piece with love in my upstate New York studio under the supervision of my trusty dog Toast!


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